Primary Job Responsibilities: Plan and Perform production procedure. Timely response to production line breakdown, resolve problems and issues in a safe, efficient, and effective manner; Provide support in a variety of industrial or manufacturing technology skill areas including Machining, Tooling, Mechanical, Cutting fluid, Hydraulics and other industrial processing systems; Follow company safety policies and procedures, such as lock out tag out; Perform work in assigned area in plant operations; Comply with and promote company practices in the areas of SQP(Safe, Quality, Productivity); Collaborate with Team Members, Team Leader, Group Leader and other members of Seohan Auto USA Corp.; Manage to coordinate product flow, reduce downtime, and provide effective countermeasures to defect product; Support and encourage a professional team work environment; Build and maintain good working relationships with Team Member; Interact with others to resolve quality issues and implement education/containment procedures for repetitive quality defects; notify management and affected teams or departments in a timely manner as required; Be flexible in work to support continuous improvement activities that will ensure personal and company growth; Review root cause and corrective action; Partner with production control during product development phase to ensure that products and processes meet all quality requirements; Perform training on procedures and sampling plans as required; Perform validation of processes, equipment and test methods as needed; Perform internal and supplier qualification audits as required; Support production team`s initiatives and directions; Execute action plans to achieve production operating rate targets; Assist production team with managing key production indicators such as down time, operating ratio, operating skill, computerized system; Analyze and assist production manager with shift to shift follow up activities; Operate appropriate production tools to define and manage or identify root cause of failure; Support production team with technical/engineering regarding customer complaints; Perform additional duties as assigned by the production team. Occasional Job Responsibilities: Pick-up and delivery of repair and project parts; including coordination of ordered materials and logistics of payment; Other duties as assigned. Contactable email address related to recruitment is as follows: