Nurturing Local Professionals With the Right Assistance

The Industrial Development Board of Auburn, AL, is here to assist you throughout your professional journey. Whether you’re exploring a different career path or taking your skills to the next level, you can make the most of our learning resources to grow into the professional you were meant to be.

Explore training opportunities within a 60-mile radius and contact us for more information on how you can connect with a local employer.

Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services | State of Alabama

This federal department provides services to persons with disabilities across a broad age range. Individualized services may be provided in homes, schools, workplaces, and other parts of the community.

Alabama Industrial Development Training (AIDT) | State of Alabama

Part of the Alabama Department of Commerce, the AIDT was created to promote economic development by providing job-specific training to members of the workforce.

Alabama Office of Apprenticeship | State of Alabama

This office operates under the Alabama Department of Commerce. It expands the use of registered apprenticeships (RAs) and Alabama industry-recognized apprenticeship programs (AIRAPS) to provide quality career training that enables workers and employers to prosper and participate in the state’s economic development.

Alabama Technology Network (ATN) | State of Alabama

The ATN is a vital part of the Alabama Community College System and the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) program of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). These assistance centers were created to help local manufacturers increase global competitiveness by providing a wealth of tools, products, services, and technical support.

Auburn Technical Assistance Center (ATAC) | Auburn University

The ATAC is an ATN affiliate created by Auburn University. It is a resource center that helps companies grow through process improvement initiatives.

Auburn Training Connection (ATC) | Auburn, AL

ATC is a unique partnership between the city of Auburn, the Industrial Development Board (IDB), Auburn University, Auburn City Schools, and local organizations in other industries. This nonprofit was created to organize and manage job-specific training initiatives for workers seeking jobs in local industries.

Auburn University

Auburn University is an R1 university with a balanced blend of art and applied science programs. It is a forward-thinking institution that adapts to the needs of today’s young minds while continuing to uphold the spirit of Auburn and its traditions.

Chattahoochee Valley Community College (CVCC) | Phenix City, AL

CVCC offers extensive workforce training that serves as a valuable resource for workers in various stages of their careers. This school has a Workforce Development Division that constantly finds innovative ways to meet the needs of local learners.

Columbus State University | Columbus, GA

Columbus State serves Southeast Georgia while attracting international students. The campus thrives on community partnerships that foster excellence in students who want to achieve personal and professional success in an increasingly globalized environment.

Columbus Technical College | Columbus, GA

Columbus Technical College strives to promote economic growth and elevate the quality of life in its region by providing access to quality education, training, and consulting services that contribute to a globally competitive and diverse workforce.

Goodwill Career Center | Opelika, AL

From free skills training to professional development workshops, the Goodwill Career Center provides a wide range of enriching resources for job seekers and employers.

Opelika Career Center | Opelika, AL

The Opelika Career Center is part of the Alabama Career Center System and provides various resources and labor market information for both job seekers and employers.

Southern Union State Community College (SUSCC) | Opelika, AL

Part of the Alabama Community College System, SUSCC offers technical training and college prep classes in the area. The school has an industry training center and offers technical degree programs in welding, electronics, and CAD/CAM systems.

Still Serving Veterans (SSV) | Phenix City, AL

SSV serves and honors veterans and their families by empowering them to build meaningful lives and find fulfilling careers. The organization seeks to foster veteran communities by helping people build connections, develop leadership skills, and collaborate with others.

Troy University | Phenix City, AL

Rather than simply preparing students for jobs, Troy University prepares them for life’s opportunities and challenges. The future can be unpredictable, but this educational institution focuses on instilling preparedness and drive among students to lead them to success.