Primary Job Responsibilities: Perform scheduled and unplanned maintenance of measurement equipment; Working in two shifts, daytime and nighttime; Perform daily tasks – Continually patrols all lines to assure issues are addressed as quickly as possible, Inspect the Setting of Heat treatment, Inspect the significant spec of product, Check the condition of the cutter and measuring instrument and perform maintenance, Checking the isolation status of defective products and checking chemicals; Complete check sheet reports and deliver to quality team manager on time, when possible (Based on measurement master schedule); Record measurement equipment’s parts use; Record requisition new parts as necessary; Calibration measurement equipment; investigate CPK (process capability) about parts; Incoming inspection of income part; patrol inspection (3times per shift); Conduct instrument r&r evaluation periodically; Calibration and Maintenance of Line Meter; Daily inspection and regular inspection performed; Heat treatment product cutting and heat treatment condition inspection; MSA (Measurement System Analysis) – Process: test method, specification, Personnel: the operators, their skill level, training, etc., Tools/ Equipment – Gages, fixtures, Test Equipment used and their associated calibration systems, Items to be measured: the part or material samples measured, the sampling plan, etc., Environmental factors: temperature,humidity, etc.; Abide by company policies; Understand and follow all workplace safety rules, such as safe work practices and standard measure procedures; In order to achieve business objectives, work weeks in excess of 40 hours & rotate the shifts and stay up all night instead of absent members may be required; In order to achieve business objectives, work weeks in excess of 40 hours may be required. (Based on production schedules); In order to achieve business objectives, working rotating shifts for preventive quality duty may be required; In order to cover absent team member shifts, workdays in excess of 24 hours may be Required; Reports issues or problems to the immediate manager; Attend company required training and seminars; Maintaining up-to-date knowledge and skills required for this position. Occasional Job Responsibilities: Pick-up and delivery of issued parts or parts which need measurement; Other duties as assigned. Contactable email address related to recruitment is as follows: