Summary of Job Description: Provide Assistance to the Quality Manager and team to ensure that the highest standards of quality are maintained throughout the production process. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Inspecting Parts and Components: Provide assistance to the Quality Manager and team to examine various parts and components used in the process. This includes checking for any defects, damages, or irregularities that may affect the overall quality and functionality of the final product; Documenting and Reporting: Maintaining detailed records of inspections, test results, and any identified defects or non-conformities. Responsible of documenting these findings and providing clear reports to the QC team; Daily Quality Data Management: Collect back data from all work order daily and summarize Daily Quality Performance; Incoming Inspection: Check all incoming Materials and Merchandises, and record inspection reports based on inspection standards; Conducting Tests: Provide assistance in performing tests, handling and understanding of gauges/annual calibration and implement adhesive power test every lot. Following standardized procedures and recording accurate data to identify any potential issues or deviations from specifications; Investigation of Problems or Defects: Investigating any problems or defects that arise during the production process. This includes conducting root cause analysis, gathering data, and working closely with the quality control team to identify the underlying causes of the issues; Assisting in monitoring continuous improvement and contribute to improving the process of defects; Reviewing Returned Parts and Assemblies: Provide assistance in reviewing parts and assemblies that are returned by customers due to complaints or quality concerns. Examining of the returned items, comparing them with specifications, and conducting tests or inspections to validate the customer’s complaints; Creating Reports for Rejected Items and Supplier Claims: Responsible for creating reports documenting rejected items and claims against suppliers. Accurately recording and documenting all relevant information regarding the rejected items or claims; such as part numbers, quantities, defects, and supporting evidence; Must able to update master samples annually. To apply, email resume to: