We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced IT Specialist. This role demands a deep understanding of both software and hardware systems, with a focus on optimizing and maintaining our critical operational technologies. The ideal candidate will be adept at managing complex IT infrastructure in a fast-paced industrial setting. Primary Job Responsibilities: Oversee the procurement process for hardware assets, ensuring alignment with budgetary constraints and technology requirements; Coordinate the deployment of hardware across various departments and locations; Perform routine maintenance and troubleshooting to ensure optimal performance and longevity of hardware assets; Execute data modifications within the company’s databases to maintain accuracy and reliability; Implement best practices for database management, including backups, security protocols, and performance optimization; Maintain and enhance the ERP program based on Visual Basic 6, addressing bugs, performance issues, and user feedback; Develop a web application for inventory management in external warehouses, utilizing modern web technologies; Design intuitive user interfaces and screens for efficient inbound and outbound inventory management; Implement backend functionality using Node.js Express, ensuring seamless integration with databases and external systems; Develop frontend components using Vue3, focusing on usability and responsiveness across devices; Deploy the web application using Azure Web App, configuring settings for accessibility, scalability, and security; Monitor application performance and scalability, making adjustments as necessary to accommodate growing user demand; Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including engineers and business stakeholders, to understand operational needs and provide technology-based solutions; Analyze business processes and requirements to design and implement technology solutions that streamline operations and support strategic goals; Enhance firewalls and business network security systems to safeguard against cyber threats and ensure compliance with industry regulations; Stay informed about emerging security threats and best practices, proactively implementing measures to mitigate risks; Design, code, test, and implement configuration changes to software applications, adhering to both functional and technical requirements; Enhance and upgrade existing programs to minimize errors and improve efficiency in production and quality control processes; Evaluate the company’s server and system requirements, identifying opportunities for optimization and efficiency improvements; Address system issues and implement solutions to enhance existing computer systems and infrastructure; Align business processes with strategic goals, designing new processes and addressing challenges to improve efficiency and effectiveness; Analyze business strategies and develop logical data models that support company objectives, facilitating informed decision-making; Troubleshoot functional and interoperability issues arising from new applications and services, ensuring seamless integration with existing IT systems; Implement solutions to resolve technical issues promptly, minimizing disruption to business operations. Occasional Job Responsibilities: Handle the setup, configuration, and upgrading of hardware systems; Modifying the wrong barcode data based on the correct format; Other duties as assigned. Contactable email address related to recruitment is as follows: SeohanUSA.HR@gmail.com.