Provide assistance to Production Control Manager with operations to ensure efficient and timely production scheduling, inventory management, and resource allocation. Assist with Develop and implement production plans, strategies, and schedules to meet customer demand while optimizing productivity and minimizing costs. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Managing: Production Planning: Provide assistance to Production Control Manager of planning strategies to meet customer demand; Collaborate with the Production Control Manager to develop and implement efficient production plans, ensuring smooth and timely execution; Develop work order: Provide assistance to Production Control Manager of planning that take into account the availability of materials and production processes; Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of work orders, materials usage, and production progress, utilizing appropriate software system of the ERP; Learning of the ERP system to effectively manage and control production activities on daily and monthly basis; Learning of the ERP system to effectively manage inventory in stock daily and monthly basis; Generate and assist with analyze reports related to production, inventory, and performance metrics, providing valuable insights to the management team utilizing ERP data; Daily review and analyze warehouse inventory stock per month data to ensure optimal inventory levels are counted and maintained utilizing the ERP system; Monitor inventory levels and coordinate with the Korea headquarters to ensure optimal stock levels and avoid any shortages or excesses; Assist with closing of the month-end inventory utilizing the ERP and report to Headquarters; Serve as a crucial link between the production control team and the Korea headquarters, ensuring effective communication and coordination; Assist with recording downtime data to identify root causes and implement corrective actions to reduce downtime and improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Utilizing the ERP system. To apply, email resume to: