Responsibilities include: Setup the production equipment and supplies before executing the job orders; Operate equipment safely and effectively for production processing; Ensure that equipment is maintained in good and safe working condition; Inspect equipment to identify any replacements, malfunctions, and repairs; Perform regular equipment maintenance to ensure production capacity and quality; Identifying machine faults and production rate errors; Monitor and adjust machine parameters; Quality assurance measures: testing according to test protocols and quality control; Process documentation and documentation of process changes; Aid junior operators in their assigned responsibilities; Repair and clean the equipment when needed; Can work independently or with a teammate to perform and complete the assigned duties in timely manner; Evaluate equipment performance and recommend improvements; Operate trucks and other industrial vehicles to transfer the production equipment between warehouse and working area; Follow safety procedures and company policies for equipment operation; Recommend process improvements to enhance operational efficiency and safety; Contribute to waste management programs; Identify and report unsafe operations to Supervisor/Management immediately; Maintain the work area clean, safe, and organized; Ensuring a safe working environment; Performs other duties as requested by Supervisor/Department Manager/Team Lead. To apply, email resume to Laurie Pearce: or