Under direct supervision, assists with the set up, operation, and adjustment of conventional or automatic machines such as Computer Numberic Controlled (CNC) machines. Works from drawings and written instructions to create replacement and new parts in making repairs to metal parts as well as for experimental apparatus or prototype equipment. Reads CNC programs. Work is routine and machining is performed to ordinary tolerances. Requires basic knowledge of various metals and of measurements used in machining processes. Typically requires a high school education or equivalent and two years of experience. Frequently reports to a Machine Shop Supervisor. Responsibilities include: Write/edit/modify programs for CNC Machines; Operates CNC machines according to exact tolerances specified on engineering prints; Sets up and operates manual lathes, saws, cutting tools, slotting tools to meet exact tolerances on engineering prints; Performs routine inspections and minor maintenance; Troubleshoots and corrects operational and quality issues; Ensures the machine is in compliance with operational and safety guidelines; Performs housekeeping duties as required; Meets all production standards; Run entire cell/area or multiple machines as a machinist. Apply here.