Acquisition of new business to expand the market position with constant optimization of profit Operationally and strategically supporting the Chief Sales Officer; Participation in international optimization measures and problem-solving across interfaces; Participation in the defining measures to achieve annual and strategic goals; Negotiations and communication with customers; Remain updated on the market; Responsible for the effective on-boarding of new clients; Benchmark to make strategic sales decisions; Monitor competitors; Ensuring calculations and determining specific characteristics in the context of developing projects; Active participation of the product area in the KVP process; Define new sales strategies and priorities; Maintain long term relationships with customers; Utilize technical knowledge of products and the customer’s own process to generate product presentations, including physical product samples, and offer guidance based on the customer’s needs; Create of general and introductory organization presentations to demonstrate capabilities and portfolios; Conduct price negotiations in consultation with CSO; Process customer requests and acquisition of strategic projects; Organization a standardized procedure regarding implementation and documentation within; the sales department; Tracking of ongoing projects; Creation and alignment of project timeline for the customer, suppliers, and the organization; (internally and externally), including the launch and end of the project; Observance and compliance with legal requirements and environmental regulations, as well as safety regulations; Reviewing customer-specific requirements and contracts. To apply, please email resume to: