Authority & Responsibility: Keep up and improve the HQ quality system on site; Implement quality related customer specific requirements if agreed; quality control and all laboratory activities; job safety and environmental compliance in the laboratory. Tasks & Activities: Quality system – Define and maintain quality objectives; Reporting quality performance to production management and executive management; Initiate and implement quality improvement projects; Contact for customers and suppliers regarding quality issues; Plans, promotes and organize training activities related to product quality; Ensure production of products is consistent with established quality standards; Support manufacturing to achieve all legal environmental and job safety compliance regulations; Contact for external audits; Conduct internal process audits according HQ audit program; Conduct internal system audits according HQ audit program; Conduct internal D/TLD audits; Maintain and update control plans and FEMA. Quality control – Develop product specifications; Define special characteristics in cooperation with product development; Planning, coordination and directing the quality control program; Statistical analyses of quality data; Create PPAPs or VDA EMPBs; Product requalification’s; Conduct and moderate root cause analysis; Initiate and monitor corrective and preventive actions; Ensure inspection and testing capability; Take care of product safety requirements. Complaint management – Investigate and adjust customer quality complaints in accordance with HQ processes; Investigate and adjust supplier quality performance on deviation from specifications; Other duties as directed. Authority to Decide: block or release products from production processes; scrap blocked or claimed material in accordance with the signature regulations; negotiate customer or supplier claims in accordance with the signature regulations; negotiate quality related customer specific requirements; block or release testing equipment. To apply, please email resume to: