Responsible for quality control; Support to keep up and improve the HQ quality system on site; Support to implement quality related customer specific requirements if agreed; Initiate and implement quality improvement projects; Contact for customers and suppliers regarding quality issues; Plans, promotes and organize training activities related to product quality; Ensure production of products is consistent with established quality standards; Support manufacturing to achieve all legal environmental and job safety compliance regulations; Contact for external audits; Release Date 05/22/2015 Rev: 1.0 FBF5-2-05; Conduct internal process audits; Maintain and update control plans and FEMA; Support production of maintain and update of related standard documents; Planning, coordination and directing the quality control program; Statistical analyses of quality data; Conduct and moderate root cause analysis; Initiate and monitor corrective and preventive actions; Ensure inspection and testing capability; Support all laboratory activities; Supports production of products consistent with established quality standards. To apply, please email resume to: