Assigned to work within teams as a machine operator. As a machine operator you will set-up and operate a variety of machines performing a wide variety of machining operations on aircraft engine turbine blades and other materials, parts and assemblies. Essential responsibilities: Operators will be assigned to work teams; Individuals will be required to actively participate in teams and committee; Attendance at team and committee meetings will be required; Individuals will need to apply this training to work within the teams and constantly strive to improve operation and cycle time. This will include the completion of Six Sigma and Lean projects; Operators will learn to operate every workstation and operation in the facility. Job assignments may be rotated on a daily basis; Operators will be asked to use their creativity to design, build, and assemble carts, trays, stands, and other equipment to support workstation tooling and equipment; Operators will be used to perform complicated layout operations to verify part dimensions; Operators will also be asked to operate tools and equipment ranging in size from small to large and in complexity from simple to very complicated; Perform assembly and disassembly of parts as required to machine, etc., and perform other related duties; Operators can be asked to perform other related duties, when necessary. To apply, visit here.