The IT Manager will manage all IT related activities at CoachComm. This includes managing IT employees, making decisions on software/hardware needs, and keeping administration updated on IT decisions. This is a “hands on” position so this person will be expected to do some of the daily IT duties related to supporting systems at CoachComm. Primary Responsibilities: Manage all employees within the IT department including interviewing, hiring, training, counseling, performance reviews, etc.; Provide operational direction for information technology needs for the business; Work with departmental managers to define short-term and long-term needs for the business; Work with IT staff to ensure a teamwork atmosphere and positive attitude; Show professionalism at all times. This includes attire, conduct, time management, proper and thorough follow-up, presentations, proposals, and relationship building; Perform admin functions on physical and virtual systems as well as cloud-based environments in order to ensure current patch status and data security; Monitor data intrusion systems for any security threats; Ensure backups are being taken on all servers and that these can be restored quickly and efficiently; Oversee implementation of on-premise and cloud applications; This is a “hands on” position requires backing up the IT Techs and Network Admin with their assigned duties as needed; All other duties as assigned by the Executive Vice President. Applicants should email a resume/work history to