Authority & Responsibility: recruiting and releasing of work force; correct payroll accounting; the compliance of all labor, job safety and OSHA regulations; personnel development. Tasks & Activities: Keeps job descriptions up-to-date and accurate; Managing the talent recruitment process, including sourcing, testing, interviewing, hiring and onboarding; Managing the employment contracts; Managing the timesheets, personal leave and payroll accounting; Administer benefits to employee, including open enrollment; Managing personnel files; Reporting of all kinds, including employee census; Prepare relevant HR items for internal and external audits; Managing documentation of evaluation; Managing training and personnel development; Develops training and performance management program that ensures all employees are familiar with their job responsibilities, as well as relevant legal and safety requirements; Handles investigation and resolution of employee issues, concerns and conflicts; Ensures all employment practices comply with federal, state and local regulations; Other duties assigned by management. Authority to Decide: Co-decide decisions of personnel recruiting and releasing; Contact and communication with recruiters, training institutions, local authorities in regard to workforce topics. To apply, please email resume to: