Job Summary: This is a hands-on firmware design engineering position within the product development team. This employee plays a key role in the design of new PCB-based, industry-compliant, embedded electronic equipment. Depending on the project, the employee will either work as an individual or as part of a multi-disciplinary team. The employee sometimes directs the work of other engineers, designers and technicians, and performs other duties as assigned. Key Responsibilities: Collect and analyze technical information from a variety of sources, including: Conversations with engineers, product managers, suppliers, etc. and Technical documents, operation of equipment and their own tests & experiments; Develop design concepts for systems involving high-speed analog and digital design techniques and interface sensors with microcontrollers/microprocessors; Develop, test and demonstrate device compliance with specifications and industry standards; Define measurement techniques, tuning procedures, special test fixtures for production use; Prepare production documentation; Conducts design activities for a project and coordinates design activities with other personnel where appropriate including the flow of information and documentation to other departments; Develops expertise for a particular product line, product technology or design area and gives guidance to others working on designs in this area; Meet or exceed typical expectations for creativity, productivity, quality of work, and safety. Applicants should email a resume/work history to