Job Title: ERP Operational Management Specialist

Job duties and responsibilities:

  • Provide support for accounting, human resources, general administration, and sales activities as an operational management specialist.
  • Support management in business process improvements, implementing best practices and utilizing ERP system capabilities.
  • Assist accounting and general administration in various manufacturing projects to improve productivity of business processes.
  • Conduct routine periodic activities in ERP system to provide supporting information for the company and its human resources management.
  • Review sales status and customer satisfaction reports created and direct improvements to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Take care of accounts receivable and check billing status by communicating with customers.
  • Monitor production schedule and make adjustments to sales management systems, after consulting with customers for priority production needs.
  • Coordinate development, production, and quality processes during the project’s life cycle regarding clarification of customers’ requests.
  • Monitor market size and competitor’s activities, including specific breakdowns of services, promotions, pricing, and external marketing.
  • Manage inventory in consultation with sales staff, production team, and customers to prevent long-term and underperforming inventory.
  • Bilingual preferred (English and Korean).

To apply, please email resume to: