Responsible for: Conducting quality inspections, and final release for conformance to company standards; Trains production personnel on Quality Alerts issued by the Quality Engineers; Conducts Layered Process Audits as required; Inspection work can include visual inspections, touch point inspection, or use of measuring equipment to define conformity of a part; Instructs and monitors as needed rework projects and/or sorting activities to help eliminate known defects (includes work such as deburring or replacing a component part); Quarantines non-conforming material and maintains records; Reports all non-conformances and quality related issues and their ongoing maintenance to the Quality Team Leader; Ensures that all work is carried out as per the Quality Management System ie: document control, CPK studies, SPC, etc.; Work under general supervision of the Quality Manager; Keeps records indicating results of part inspections; Follows environmental and safety regulations; Follows company regulations and maintains proper discipline at all times; Other duties as assigned by Production Manager and Quality Manager. To apply, please visit here.