Position: Customer Service Representative
Reports To: Customer Service Supervisor
Department: Production
Status: Full-time
Created: 2018; revised April 2023

Position Overview:
The CoachComm Customer Service Representative works with both external and internal
customers to fulfill their expectations for the effective and successful use of our communication
Primary Responsibilities:
• Manage critical customer calls to Service and Support
• Answer telephone calls
• Respond to e-mails and take needed action
• Troubleshoot basic set-up issues
• Enter purchase orders
• File completed service orders
• Call on customers for return of equipment or payment of invoices
• Update customer records in database systems
• Generate extended warranty quotes
• Issue Return Merchandise Authorizations and shipping labels to customers for service repairs
• Other duties as assigned to ensure that our customers’ needs and expectations are fulfilled
Minimum Knowledge, Education and Experience:
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications, especially Word and Excel
• Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, intense environment, often under pressure
• Ability to multi-task patiently
• Ability to handle difficult and tense calls in a professional and results-oriented manner
• Willingness to work across departments to meet the customer’s needs
• Excellent attention to detail
• initiative to work with minimal supervision
• Outstanding work ethic

To apply, email your resume to rick.crowley@coachcomm.com